Introduction of Construction Control Specification for Insulation Piercing Clamps
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1. The full-time electrical technical person in charge of the construction unit should check whether the main cables and branch cables in the electrical shaft are consistent with the drawings according to the design documents.


2. Check whether the specifications and models of the insulation piercing clamp meet the design requirements.


3. Check whether the stripped part and stripped length of the main cable are suitable. The height of the stripped part of the main cable should be convenient for construction and has no effect on the surrounding cables; the stripped length should meet the requirements of the technical regulations of the insulation piercing clamp, and ensure that there is enough Space for heat dissipation.


4. When tightening the torque nut on the insulation piercing clamp, you should use a socket wrench to tighten it evenly and forcefully until the nut breaks off.


5. After the piercing clamp construction of the entire cable is completed, the main cable should be tested for insulation, and the insulation resistance value should meet the requirements of the specification.


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