1. Quality makes the brand, and honesty makes the future.
2. As long as the spirit does not decline, there are more ways than difficulties.
3. Plan is the best guarantee of time, time is the solid foundation of efficiency, efficiency is the master of action optimization, and action is the only way to success.
4. To build a conservation oriented enterprise starts from me, saving is benefit saving and efficiency increasing.
5. Implement three strategies to create credibility and cultivate corporate culture image.
6. Because of me, it will be better.
7. Don't look down on yourself. People have unlimited possibilities.
8. Attitude determines everything, details determine success or failure.
9. Only when we have the courage to take responsibility can we take greater responsibility.
10. Communicate more and complain less. Understand more and argue less.
11. Self improvement and healthy competition. Mutual appreciation and support.
12. Unite one heart, stone becomes gold.
13. Strengthen the sense of competition and build team spirit.
14. Your conscious contribution will make the company brilliant.
15. It is our responsibility to pursue customer satisfaction.
16. No pains, no gains.
17. There are only imperfect products and no picky customers.
18. Cherish public property, cherish resources, be thrifty and develop together
19. It is the most wasteful action to hold a meeting without discussing, discussing without deciding, and never failing.
20. We are extremely contemptuous of all uncivilized behaviors such as littering and spitting.
21. Take the factory as the school, take the factory as the home, learn from each other and care for each other
22. To find a way to succeed, to find an excuse to fail.
23. It's not easy to win a customer. It's easy to lose a customer.
24. Everyone is your customer.
25. If you don't work hard today, try to find a job tomorrow!
26. Make the team brilliant and help me grow up!
27. Due diligence is the basis of teamwork!
28. Did you smile today?
29. To be kind to others is to be kind to yourself!
30. Cultivate etiquette staff and create team spirit.


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