Stable operation is the key to guarantee insulators
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In the process of line transmission operation, insulators are the key to ensure the stability of the transmission line, and have an important protective effect on the transmission line project. During the operation of the transmission line, the main points of attention should be analyzed during the work to meet the actual needs of the transmission line at any time. Operation Reliability and stability are the key to determining the life of insulators. Because the conditions that insulators encounter in the work of transmission lines are more complicated (including factors such as severe cold, heat, high temperature and high pressure), in order to ensure that they can play a normal role in complex working conditions, deal with the problems faced by insulators. The working conditions are analyzed in many aspects, and the working state of the insulator can be guaranteed to meet the needs of the actual working conditions.

From the perspective of the use of transmission line insulators, there are four types of insulators that are more commonly contacted, including porcelain insulators, glass insulators, disc insulators, and composite insulators. Insulators of different materials have different functions in use. There are also differences in the issues that need to be paid attention to, so the inspector should first understand the material type of the insulator when testing the line, and then adopt the corresponding inspection plan that matches it.


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