What is the difference between insulation piercing clamp and ordinary clamp
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The edge piercing clamp is mainly suitable for the connection of overhead insulated conductors, branch connections, low-voltage cable entry, T-shaped connection building power distribution system cable support, underground low-voltage insulated cable connection street lamp systems and grounding protection, and the applicable voltage level is 10KV and below. Its main performance characteristics:

   1. Easy to install. Using the principle of puncture, the contact blade penetrates the insulation layer of the wire and then penetrates into the conductor. There is no need to strip the insulation layer of the wire during installation. As long as the main wire and branch wire are placed in the wire clamp at the specified position, the mechanical performance and The electrical performance can be branched at any position of the cable, and the torque nut can be evenly screwed off with a socket wrench.

   2. The contact resistance is small, and the temperature rise of the wire clamp is low. The joint heat is extremely small, and the heat generated by the piercing clamp is less than that of the same diameter wire. Any traditional cable branching method is difficult to achieve the above standards. The special torque bolt ensures a constant puncture pressure, so that the clamp and the wire can achieve good electrical contact without excessively damaging the wire, which simplifies the installation difficulty and ensures the normal service life of the overhead insulated wire.

  3. Sealed structure and high insulation. The inside of the clamp is filled with insulating thermal grease. After installation, the entire conductor forms a fully enclosed and insulated structure, which improves the insulation strength and safety of the puncture clamp, and ensures the long-term and reliable operation of the puncture clamp in harsh natural environments. It is waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and Anti-ultraviolet rays, etc.

  4. Using the principle of matching and matching in the piercing clamp structure, a plastic sheath is designed at the screw hole of the plastic shell, which increases the creepage distance between the screw and the conductor, and further improves the safety and insulation of the clamp.

   5. The wire clamp has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for the branch connection of copper and aluminum conductors, different diameter conductors, the butt connection of equal diameter conductors, and the transition connection of copper and aluminum insulated conductors.


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